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Saturday, December 31 2005

22C3 Day 4

we didn't do much on the last day. Obviously I attended the Bluetooth talk my fellow trifiniteians did and I saw 3/4 of FX's BlackBerry talk. I always wanted to play with a BlackBerry so the stuff FX and FtR showed was really interesting. The Bluetooth talk was OK but nothing new of course.

USE MORE BANDWIDTH but how? Most of the people come with a laptop and only use the totally overloaded wireless - how should we use all the 16GB/s? I don't know if it really was necessary to have 16GB/s maybe the entrance fee would haven been lower with only 5GB/s?

All in all the congress was fun. Also I think four days is too long, three days was more compact. The only thing I must complain about is the number of chairs and tables in the hackcenter, there where too few. The area in the middle with the couches and mattresses was nice but uncomfortable to sit for longer.