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Wednesday, August 01 2012

Black Hat USA and Defcon XX

Once again I attended Black Hat USA and Defcon. This year I was actually speaking at Black Hat again. My talk Probing Mobile Operator Networks was received well as what I understood from the feedback. The slides can be downloaded from my project web page. I'm planning a follow up project to extend my work for an academic research paper.

Some personal comments.
    Black Hat: 1. I really liked the track idea, putting related talks into one room. I basically staid in my room "Mobile" for the whole day. 2. The new room layout of Black Hat was good and bad. Moving the vendor area into the back was an good move. Also for some reason the new layout made it impossible to meet people randomly (as confirmed by some people I actually met). 3. The "vendor talk" aka the iOS security talk: I didn't like the talk since it only listed iOS security features. Also the speaker didn't take questions. 4. All in all a good event.

    Defcon: 1. too many people! 2. I saw three talks by accident, the one I liked was Eddie's NFC Credit Card talk, nice work. 3. too many people!

Both events where to crowed with people I know and like that I didn't get the chance to hangout with everyone. I even missed a few people entirely, could even say hi :-(

Best thing this year was playing at HackCup with the good guys from the Intrepidus Group.

Finally, NinjaTel! How cool is this! See here