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Wednesday, November 23 2005

T42p and 2.6.14 with swsusp

yesterday I did a big update, first apt-get dist-upgrade (testing) with about 600 packages (!). Then kernel update from 2.6.13 -> 14, xfree -> xorg, hotplug -> udev and finally cardmgr -> pcmciautils.

Only two things gave me problems, first something in the Synaptics driver config changed so my loved scroll function on the touchpad went away - this was an easy fix. But then swsusp stopped working actually only resume failed (WTF?). It took me quite some time to find the solution, which is modifying the kernel source. It's basically some stupid timeout, which needs to be increased. The file is: kernel/power/process.c and the part is change 6 * HZ to 30 * HZ (I guess a lower value should be ok too). The whole thing is described here, since I didn't figured it out myself!

1 day lost through updating - ARG


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