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Tuesday, May 09 2006

DVD Region Codes

I know this is really really old, still it is totally annoying...

...so yesterday I tried to play a DVD on my Linux laptop (T42p) for the first time and found that the region code has to be set before playing or reading the disc at all. I known this is real pebcak, but WTF? Maybe the drive should be pre set to a region or should learn it from the first disc instead of just throwing I/O errors?

The actual point is an other. I rented a DVD in the US (while I am in the US) and my laptop is set to Region-2 (Europe), so I can't play the DVD until I change the region code to 1. If I go back to Europe I have to reset it to 2 again, if I go back to the US I have to reset it again, and so forth. After 5 times I have to get the drive reseted by the manufacturer, so I can change the code another 5 times. I can only do this 20 times and then I'm stuck with what ever region I have set last.

So what I figured out is, that I just wont buy or rent DVDs anymore and rather get movies from some where else. Traveling is not uncommon these days and people own laptops exactly for this reason. If you google around you will find many people reporting this exact problem. What the hell is wrong?!?

This is one of the best examples for DRM CREATED PIRACY that I can think of. This is a real average Joe problem, not something that only effects the hardcore-user or early-adopter.


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