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Thursday, January 31 2008

Web Stats Spam?

today I saw quite a spike in my webserver logs for mulliner.org so I tried to find the cause. Maybe some popular site linked me, but it was just garbage. When looking closer the garbage had one strange thing a decent looking referer. After checking out the links in the referer (pointing to Pr0n sites) it was clearly SPAM. The funny part is that this is only going to end up in my website statistics. So maybe this is the new trick to get the SPAM URLs public? Also in my case the webstats are not public available.

Anybody else seeing this?

Referers (slashslash) and (dot) inserted by myself:
    3332 x http:(slashslash)rehlasaida(dot)com/contacta/inc/27/ rate-girl-boob(dot)html
    Source host/IP:

    3332 x http:(slashslash)www.montien(dot)ro/Flash/inc/37/ cum-on-ebony-face(dot)php
    Source host/IP: infong198.kundenserver.de/