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Saturday, January 03 2009

dsniff for iPhone (jailbroken)

today I've build a dsniff package for the iPhone (if jailbroken). It took me a real long time to get it to work since I had to configure all the required libraries and dsniff to work on OS X, something I never did before. Dsniff basically is just a test package for me to get into the whole iPhone software business. Also it is a nice software package I like to have installed on all my devices (Nokia Maemo tablets and now iPhone).

The package is available from my iPhone page over here: http://www.mulliner.org/iphone/repository. I'll try to get included into the Cydia installer with my repository but until now you need to download the .deb file and run: dpkg -i dsniff.deb (on your iPhone). Happy sniffing!


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