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Monday, January 19 2009

Dmcrypt tools for OpenWrt

I don't know why there is no official dm_crypt/cryptsetup support on OpenWrt because if you search the web you will find many people trying to run cryptsetup on OpenWrt. Here is how I made it work (packages to download in the middle of this post).

Getting cryptsetup (userspace part of dm_crypt) to work on OpenWrt requires a whole bunch of tools and libraries these are: libuuid (part of e2fsprogs), libpopt, gettext, libdevmapper (part of lvm2). After one has build all those tools and libs cryptsetup builds nicely and just works. Also every time you run cryptsetup you will get a warning about the missing udevsettle binary but this is not a problem it works anyway. To save you from the hassle of getting cryptsetup to work all by yourself you can download the packages that are not part of OpenWrt from me here: dmcrypt-tools-openwrt.tgz (contains cryptsetup, lvm2, popt and gettext). I know gettext is available in some OpenWrt branches but not in trunk. Just unpack the archive in your OpenWrt package directory, run make menuconfig and select cryptsetup before building it by running make.

Now it would be nice to get cryptsetup into the OpenWrt SVN so that it will just be there in the future.

Why would I run cryptsetup on OpenWrt? Over the weekend I decided that I don't want to run a full blown Linux distribution on my NAS/backup box and rather run a small system. I chose OpenWrt because I'm familiar with it since I spent quite some time hacking on my NAS-4220b before deciding to go x86 for my NAS project.


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