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Thursday, January 15 2009

NFC/NDEF Tool Update (from 25c3)

I've just uploaded the latest version of my NFC/NDEF tools. This is the version that I presented at my talk at 25C3. I mainly added some parsers for the new NDEF records supported by the Nokia 6212 Classic. Also included are some bug fixes and a small fix to talk to the BtNfcAdapter running on the Nokia 6212. I further included some more attack samples and an updated version of my ndef_mifare reader/writer tool.

At 25C3 I had the chance to take a look at Motorola's L7 NFC phone that is used by Deutsche Bahn Touch and Travel. The phone is not a real NFC phone, Motorola just replaced the battery lid with a lid that also contains the NFC hardware (or maybe only the antenna). The only NFC functionality the phone supports is the Touch and Travel application. What is really bad is that the user first needs to start the application and then hold the phone up to the Touch Point. WTF? How is this going to be a good user experience? The Nokia phones constantly scan for NFC tags and start the appropriate application as soon as one holds the phone up to a tag.

Finally I have noticed that RMV ConTags are starting to appear all over the place out side Frankfurt/Main. Also they only seem to be placed at big stations like the Darmstadt main station (Hauptbahnhof) but not inside the city. As always I like to know about interesting new NFC services around Europe and especially Germany.


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