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Friday, September 10 2010

Mobile Security News September 2010

Mobile phone HTTP header privacy issue in Spain [1] xuf got them to fix it [2].

In October I will present two papers. First, Privacy Leaks in Mobile Phone Internet Access which is about mobile phone HTTP header leakage. Second, Rise of the iBots: 0wning a telco network a paper on smartphone botnet C&C.

The Osmocom people have added a security section to their wiki. One really interesting part is the section on Will my Phone Show An Unencrypted Connection?

Conferences: ToorCon has a nice lineup sofar. Real Men Carry Pink Pagers. The Carmen San Diego Project. iPhone Rootkit? There's an App for That. The Hidden Nemesis: Backdooring Embedded Controllers. Smartphone Ownage: The State of Mobile Botnets and Rootkits. Moving Target: Location-Based Threats and Mitigations. Black Hat Abu Dhabi Mobile Phony: Why You Can't Trust Mobile Phone Networks For Critical Infrastructure.

Need some hints
    I'm looking for a number of statistics. 1) How many people update their mobile phones (I don't care about smartphones such as iPhone or Android). 2) The most popular mobile phones around the world. There should be some sales stats on this, right? Any help will be very welcome. Email: collin[at]mulliner.org

The thing called a phone by Scott Adams. I almost never use it as a phone.