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Tuesday, April 28 2009

Mobile Security News April 2009 part 2

just a quickie, the slides from BlackHat Europe are up for a few days. Here are the slides for Hijacking Mobile Data Connections and for Passports Reloaded Goes Mobile (clone a RFID passport using an NFC mobile phone). So far Charlie Miller and Vincenzo Iozzo only put up a whitepaper of their OS X and iPhone talk.

If you can understand German (spoken word) you might want to listen to Chaosradio Express episode 120 which is about OpenBSC and generally about building GSM networks or actually the software to run a network in your cellar/garage.

In the last week there was a short buzz about a old Nokia phone (Nokia 1100) that could be reprogrammed to sniff SMS messages. The story really sounds like a hoax since the whole subscriber ID stuff is handled through the SIM card rather then through the phone itself. There are not many details just the story. F-Secure has something in their blog about this too.

Yesterday the new Android version cupcake was released for developer phones, get your cupcake while its still warm :-) Get it from here.

Btw the Technology Review article citing me is only in the next issue (06.2009).


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