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Saturday, April 18 2009

Mobile Security News April 2009

BlackHat Europe brought some new stuff:

First the guys from the Mobile Security Lab showed us that the OMA provisioning functionality can be easily abused to reconfigure the Internet connection settings on many mobile phones. Although the attack requires some user interaction and therefore some social engineering the attack is quite cool. Technology Review has an article on their work. Nice Work guys!

The second mobile device related piece from BlackHat Europe is that Charlie Miller showed a workaround for the non-executable memory of the iPhone. I haven't see the slides of his talk but NetworkWorld has an article on Charlie's iPhone find.

I was interviewed by the German version of Technology Review on the subject of smart phone security and malware. As far as I know the article citing me should be in the current issue (05.2009).

Otherwise not much happened in the world of mobile device security.


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