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Friday, February 10 2012

Mobile Security News Update February 2012 update

More conferences, and a lot of mobile stuff :-)
    Source Boston in April. Reverse Engineering Mobile Applications, Adam Meyers, Security Researcher; Mobile Snitch - Devices telling the world about you, Luiz Eduardo, Director, SpiderLabs LAC, Trustwave (@effffn) & Rodrigo Montoro, Security Researcher, Trustwave's SpiderLabs, rmontoro@trustwave.com (@spookerlabs); Android Modding for the Security Practitioner, Dan Rosenberg, Senior Security Consultant, VSR (@djrbliss) ; Privacy at the Border: A Guide for Traveling with Devices, Marcia Hofmann, Senior Staff Attorney & Seth Schoen, Senior Staff Technologist, Electronic Frontier Foundation

    So SourceBoston actually has some interesting stuff for us mobile people.

    Black Hat Europe in Amsterdam. Axelle Apvrille - Guillaume Lovet An Attacker's Day into Virology: Human vs Computer; Don A. Bailey War Texting: Weaponizing Machine to Machine Systems; Tyrone Erasmus The Heavy Metal That Poisoned the Droid; Eric Fulton Workshop: Mobile Network Forensics Workshop ; Dan Guido - Mike Arpaia The Mobile Exploit Intelligence Project; Felix Lindner Apple vs. Google Client Platforms; Simon Roses Femerling Smartphones Apps Are Not That Smart: Insecure Development Practices;