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Tuesday, December 20 2011

Mobile Security News Update December 2011 part 2

There was an awesome SMS bug in Windows Phone 7. This is exactly the bug class I have been looking into in the last two years. Too bad that I didn't have the time to look into Windows Phone 7.

Corrections to a news article about my research. NFC mobile threats on the horizon: What happens when we wave our wallets to pay? The article says ...malicious code could be 'injected' into the device.... I want to say that I never claimed I can do code injection through NFC. They probably misunderstood me when I said that this could be possible in the future.

It is really great to see how NFC security research is taking of this year. If I remember back to early 2008 when I did my research everybody was kinda laughing.

In other news mobile (in)security is further on the rise. So we all never loose our jobs!