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Tuesday, August 07 2012

Mobile Security News Update August 2012

This really is the first update since May, wow I have been really busy.

    Toorcamp (takes place as you read) has a few interesting talks on Android. I originally planed to go but didn't have time, very said about it :-(

    Nordic Security Conference is a new event that takes place end of August. Nordic Sec seems to be a very mixed conference but they have some mobile related talks.

    BruCON at the end of September is one of those cons I always wanted to attend once, never made it. They also have just a few mobile related talks. Mobile talks seem to overlap with Nordic Sec :-(

    BreakPoint is also a new event taking place in Melbourne, Australia. This event will have more then a few mobile talks due to the people who are scheduled to speak there. Including myself ;-)

    Source Seattle has a mobile talk.

Open CFPs: 29c3 this year in Hamburg not Berlin, a real bummer. hashdays in Lucerne, Switzerland.

General News:
    Zeus now supports Black Berry in addition to WinMo, Android, and Symbian.

    This is really interesting. I was working on countermeasures against this threat with two of my co-workers at SecT in Berlin. Hopefully our paper gets accepted. I really hope we can help to defend against this threat.

Personal news: I will move to Boston, MA in August to work as a Postdoctoral researcher at Northeastern University. I will continue doing mostly mobile security related work. Please ping me if you are doing similar work and are in the area. It seems like I know a bunch of people but don't actually know where they live.

I hope from now one to continue my biweekly mobile security news update.