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Friday, October 23 2015

Mobile Security News Update October 2015 part II

    ekoparty October 21-23, Buenos Aires. ARM disassembling with a twist by Agustin Gianni and Pablo Sole. Exploiting GSM and RF to Pwn you Phone by Manuel Moreno and Francisco Cortes. Faux Disk Encryption: Realities of Secure Storage on Mobile Devices by Drew Suarez and Daniel Mayer. New Age Phreacking: Tacticas y trucos para fraudes en Wholesale by David Batanero.

    Hackito Ergo Sum October 29-30, Paris, France. Malicious AVPs: Exploits to the LTE Core by Laurent Ghigonis & Philippe Langlois. Android malware that won't make you fall asleep by By Lukasz Siewierski.

The RIM BlackBerry PRIV looks like a real interesting device. The PRIV seems to focus on security. The website claims a hardend linux kernel, and indeed they seem to run a grsec kernel as you can see in this picture (lower left corner) posted on the Crackberry forum. Some comments about this in this series of tweets.

There is a new security news outlet with focus on the consumer angle it is called The Parallax. It is super new and does not have many articles yet. But I think the consumer focus could be interesting.

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