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Wednesday, May 09 2012

Mobile Security News Update May 2012

    Hack in The Box Amsterdam has a number mobile talks this year

    SummerCon has some Android related talks by Jon, Charlie, and myself :)

    Recon looks pretty good this year: GPUs for Mobile Malware, Mitigation and More Thinking outside-the-CPU by Jared Carlson. Baseband debugging by Ralf-Philipp Weinmann. The other talks also look quite interesting. Happy to attend this year!

    Black Hat USA is starting to post talks: most interesting so far is the Windows Phone 7 talk by Tuskasa Oi

    Nordic Security Conference seem to be a new conference out in Reykjavik Iceland. They also seem to have some mobile talks.

So I will be going to SummerCon this year after all! I'm staying in NYC for a few days even after SummerCon. Ping me if you want to meet.

Other news:
    20 years of SMS I for sure had a lot of fun with SMS over the last years :)

Some fun:


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