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Thursday, March 14 2013

Mobile Security News Update March 2013 part 2

CanSecWest was pretty good this year. My favorite talks were (no order): Desktop Insecurity - Ilja van Sprundel & Shane "K2" Macaulay, Smart TV Security - SeungJin Lee, Godel's Gourd - Fuzzing for Logic Issues - Mike "dd" Eddington, and Reflecting on Reflection - Exploiting Reflection Vulnerabilities in Managed Languages - James Forshaw. I can't wait to get the slides.

Call for Papers:
I totally missed Black Hat Europe, it had some interesting talks: The M2M Risk Assessment Guide, A Cyber Fast Track Project - Don A. Bailey, Practical Attacks Against MDM Solutions - Daniel Brodie + Michael Shaulov, Off Grid Communications With Android- Meshing The Mobile World - Josh Thomas + Jeff Robble, Next Generation Mobile Rootkits - Thomas Roth.

An interesting looking paper from TROOPERS13 UI Redressing Attacks on Android Devices (apparently it was released at Black Hat Abu Dhabi last year).

News Fun find by my former co-worker Matthias: Lost connection to Battery ... WTF!?!