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Tuesday, June 29 2010

Mobile Security News Update July 2010

Most important thing: I will travel to Defcon this year. Really looking forward to meet some people again. Ping me if you want to meet up!

More and more Defcon talks show up: Exploitation on ARM - Technique and Bypassing Defense Mechanisms by Itzhak "Zuk" Avraham. This is a must see for me.And wow a new Bluetooth security talk, I've been waiting for this. Breaking Bluetooth By Being Bored by JP Dunning. Practical Cellphone Spying by Chris Paget also looks interesting. It looks like there are some more talks in the pipe that are interesting for us mobile guys.

A small rant on feature phones. So we are playing with feature phones, and many of those phones don't support a full hard reset were you can erase all data. WTF??!?! Some manufactures have a PC program to flash those phones in order to restore them. But then they check the software version and don't allow you to reflash the same version. WTF!??!?!


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