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Monday, January 24 2011

Mobile Security News Update January 2011 Part 2

Funny story on stealing SIM cards from traffic lights, Schneier has a few nice pointers on the story: here.

Don't Sacrifice Security on Mobile Devices by Chris Palmer (@ EFF) makes a nice read. Spontaneous idea: what about something like hardened android?

A story on mobile phone forensics.

A Android trojan with botnet-like features?

    The ShmooCon schedule. The BlackHat DC slides. A few notes to some slides. A practical attack against GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA mobile data communications this is what every serious GSM hacker/security research has in his lab - no rocket science - but nice roundup for noobs and beginners. Exploiting Smart-Phone USB Connectivity For Fun And Profit fun read, good job.

Upcoming events for myself: Mobile World Congress, I'll be there for all four days. Catch me at Hall: 2 Booth: H04 (City of Berlin -> Technische Universitaet Berlin and others)