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Monday, January 10 2011

Mobile Security News Update January 2011

Happy new year mobile phone security enthusiasts!

    Black Hat DC Itzhak Avraham's talk: Popping Shell on A(ndroid)RM Devices; Rob Havelt, Bruno Goncalves de Oliveira: Hacking the Fast Lane: security issues with 802.11p, DSRC, and WAVE (not directly mobile phones); David Perez, Jose Pico talk about: A practical attack against GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA mobile data communications; Angelos Stavrou, Zhaohui Wang talk on: Exploiting Smart-Phone USB Connectivity For Fun And Profit; Ralf-Philipp Weinmann's talk on: The Baseband Apocalypse (exploiting baseband software)

    Shmoocon as a number of talks but sadly no abstracts online. Also I wont be able to attend. Here are some talks that have interesting titles: Defeating mTANs for profit by Axelle Apvrille and Kyle Yang, something about smart phone botnets (the news part of the site gone now).
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