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Friday, January 15 2010

Mobile Security News January 2010

I have been busy as hell from mid December to now, this was due to the Chaos Communication Congress (26C3), the fact that I turned 30, and some work stuff. I guess I have missed some interesting stuff in this time. So once again if you have interesting things on mobile security tell me!

Conferences, ShmooCon taks place in February (I always wanted to go - still haven't made it). The New World of Smartphone Security - What Your iPhone Disclosed About You by Trevor Hawthorn. Karsten is doing his GSM: srsly talk again. Bluetooth Keyboards: Who Owns Your Keystrokes? by Michael Ossmann, for some time I did a lot with Bluetooth keyboards so I would really like to see what they show here - especially since Michael Ossmann is one of the guys who really knows about Bluetooth. honeyM: A Framework For Virtual Mobile Device Honeyclients by whole bunch of Military guys (SCNR). Blackberry Mobile Spyware - The Monkey Steals the Berries by Tyler Shields. So it really looks like ShmooCon has some mobile security content this year.

Random news:
Fun find:
    Abhoersichers Handy (Anti eavesdropping Mobile Phone) apparently this should cost 4800 Euros. The screen shots look interesting. If anyone has any details on this device please tell me.


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