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Thursday, August 27 2009

Mobile Security News August 2009

this blog post is long overdue, but due to traveling and catching up on work this had to wait.

Black Hat USA had quite a few mobile security related talks, the slides are here: Exploratory Android Surgery by Jesse Burns (haven't read this yet), Post Exploitation Bliss: Loading Meterpreter on a Factory iPhone by Vincenzo Iozzo and Charlie Miller. Attacking SMS by Zane Lackey and Luis Miras, Is Your Phone Pwned? Auditing, Attacking and Defending Mobile Devices (only the white paper - no slides so far) by Kevin Mahaffey and Anthony Lineberry and John Hering. The stuff for our talk Fuzzing the Phone in your Phone by Charlie Miller and myself is here.

It was nice to see that Zane and Luis took my MMS research and followed some ideas I had and made them work. Especially the part about running a your own MMSC (MMS Server). At the point in time where I tested this it did not work because the WAP-gateway that is configured in the MMS profile only connects to the MMSC of the mobile operator. I tested this with multiple US providers and some German providers in 2005/2006. I guess I have to do some testing here in Germany to see if anything changed for our local operators.

HAR2009 had a few interesting talks too. In no particular order: Cracking A5 GSM encryption by Karsten Nohl, Public transport SMS ticket hacking by Pavol Luptak, OpenBSC - running your own GSM network by Harald Welte (the slides are the same as the 25C3 slides), Airprobe - Monitoring GSM traffic with USRP by Harald Welte (could not find any slides, somebody took notes and put them here).

Did anything else happen in August? I think there was something but I can't remember. Hints welcome!