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Tuesday, April 26 2011

Mobile Security News Update April 2011 (part 2)

A nice blog post by Frank Rieger on the iPhone location logging: Was the iPhone location logging put in by quiet law-enforcement / intelligence agency request?

The talk A Million Little Tracking Devices by Don Bailey is really worth reading if you are in to GSM and GSM equipped hardware.

Whisper Systems (Moxie) released their Android FDE image for the Nexus One. Try it out and go full disk crypto on your Android phone. Whispercore.

    Recon has one mobile talk so far: AndBug -- A Scriptable Debugger for Android's Dalvik Virtual Machine by Scott Dunlop of IOActive

In other news. I'll be in SF for Oakland 2011. I'll be there a few days before the conference so ping me if you want to meet up.


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