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Tuesday, March 08 2016

Mobile Security News Update March 2016

    CanSecWest Vancouver, Canada. Don't Trust Your Eye: Apple Graphics Is Compromised! - Liang Chen + Marco Grassi. Having fun with secure messengers and Android Wear - Artem Chaykin. Pwn a Nexus device with a single vulnerability - Guang Gong.

    Troopers Heidelberg, Germany. QNX: 99 Problems but a Microkernel ain't one! Georgi Geshev, Alex Plaskett.

Looks like I will go to very few conferences this year.

We finally published our paper on Android application analysis support using intelligent GUI stimulation. The work CuriousDroid: Automated User Interface Interaction for Android Application Analysis Sandboxes uses / enhances Andrubis.

Excellent post on Apple vs FBI by Dan Guido: Apple can comply with the FBI court order