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Friday, October 11 2013

Mobile Security News Update October 2013

September was a busy month, but the monthly update is back!

    HACK.LU Debugging and Reversing the HTC Android Bootloader by Cedric Halbronn and Nicolas Hureau, Grand Theft Android: Phishing with permission by Joany Boutet and Tom Leclerc, Abusing Dalvik Beyond Recognition by Jurriaan Bremer, Playing Hide and Seek with Dalvik executables by Axelle Apvrille. So Hack.Lu has a lot of Android talks this year, but most of the other talks look super interesting too. I would love to go, but can't.

    PacSec Tokyo, November 2013. "Android games + free Wi-Fi = Privacy leak" Takayuki Sugiura & Yosuke Hasegawa, NetAgent, @hasegawayosuke, "Defeating the protection mechanism on Android platform" Tim Xia, Baidu, "Mobile Phone Baseband Exploitation in 2013: Hexagon challenges" Dr. Ralf-Philipp Weinmann, Affiliation, @esizkur, "Deeper than ever before: Exploring, Subverting, Breaking and Pivoting with NAND Flash Memory" Josh m0nk Thomas. The PacSec program kicks ass!

Missed conferences: ekopart 2013 they had a bunch of mobile (mostly Android) talks.