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Tuesday, June 25 2013

Mobile Security News Update June 2013 part 2

    Defcon has more talks: Do-It-Yourself Cellular IDS
Here my REcon review. I must say REcon became my favorite conference together with CanSecWest. There were to bunch of really cool talks. I always enjoy REcon talks out side of my main work area. One such talk was about old video game cabinet security: Just keep trying ! Unorthodox ways to hack an old-school hardware. I didn't find the link to the slides anymore. But pretty much 90% of the talks were good. REcon also had mobile talks. jduck's talk on Reversing and Auditing Android's Proprietary Bits was pretty good. I especially liked Wardriving from your pocket: Reversing the Broadcom chipset with Wireshark the talk was about reversing the Broadcom Wifi firmware to enable monitor mode. Their website is here: bcmon.blogspot.com. Super interesting as well was Hiding @ Depth Exploring & Subverting NAND Flash memory and Reversing HLR, HSS and SPR: rooting the heart of the Network and Mobile cores from Huawei to Ericsson. Altogether if you missed REcon you missed out!


I actually decided to go to Defcon after all.