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Tuesday, January 24 2017

Mobile Security News Update January 2017

    Recon Brussels Brussels, 27-29 January. Analyzing iOS apps: road from AppStore to security analysis report by Lenar Safin, Yaroslav Alexandrov, Egor Fominykh, Alexander Chernov.

    31CON Auckland NZ, 23-24 February. RAVISHANKAR BORGAONKAR (UK): PRIVACY ISSUES IN 4G. PHILIPPE LANGLOIS (FRANCE): something about mobile networks.

    Android Security Symposium 2017 Vienna Austria, March. Many interesting talks.

    Troopers Heidelberg, Germany. March. Hunting For Vulnerabilities in Signal by Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Markus Vervier. Samsung Pay: Tokenized Numbers, Flaws and Issues by Salvador Mendoza.

    TelcoSecDay @ Troopers It's no use crying over spilled 2G,3G,4G - what we need to fix in 5G. Outlook on 5G security from 3GPP perspective. Automated large-scale detection of rogue base stations: A field report. Exploring fraud in telephony networks, an illustration with Over-The-Top Bypass.

    Infiltrate Miami, FL. March. Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Markus Vervier: Hunting For Vulnerabilities in Signal. Georgi Geshev, Robert Miller: Logic Bug Hunting in Chrome on Android. Marco Grassi, Liang Chen: Remotely Compromising a Modern iOS Device. Vasilis Tsaousoglou, Patroklos Argyroudis: The Shadow over Android: Heap exploitation assistance for Android's libc allocator. Ralf-Phillip Weinmann: Did I hear a shell popping in your baseband?.

CFPs I'm not a fan or a user of WhatsApp but this backdoor story is just bad and will drive users away from a secure messaging app (maybe even the biggest install based of all of them). Zeynep Tufekci wrote an open letter to the Guardian to have them update the story. Moxie also wrote a blog post about these claims. The Guardian should have asked people with the technical expertise for advice before publishing the story.

AT&T 2G network shutdown happened on Dec 31 2016

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The mobile talks from 33c3 are all totally worth watching (no particular order): Pics of the month:



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