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Tuesday, March 28 2017

Mobile Security News Update March 2017 part2

    Qualcomm Mobile Security Summit 2017 San Diego, May. All talks are on mobile security - super strong lineup!

    AppSec EU May 11-12, Belfast. How to steal mobile wallet? - Mobile contactless payments apps attack and defense. Fixing Mobile AppSec: The OWASP Mobile Project.

    MOSEC June Shanghai. Pwning Apple Watch. (program not complete yet!)

OffensiveCon is a new security conference in Berlin Germany focused on Offense. No details yet but they chose the right location for sure.

For everybody who didn't make it to the Android Security Symposium, they recorded the talks and the videos are available: here.

Google published a blog post and a detailed report on Android Security in 2016. The report covers everything from patching and update stats to high impact vulnerabilities. People posted a lot of summaries but you should really read it yourself if you work with Android.

Google pulls March security update for Nexus 6, after it breaks SafetyNet and Android Pay. This was pretty interesting, not the fact that they broke SafetyNet but that they broke it for their own devices (Nexus). This happened to some really small manufacturer before and if you have an idea of how SN works on the backend - it is clear what happened.



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