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Saturday, January 25 2014

Mobile Security News Update for February 2014

This is an early update for February. Two reasons, I have stuff to write about right now, second I'm going to be super busy in February.

This year I attended ShmooCon for the first time. I liked it a lot and plan to go again. I didn't know ShmooCon was running for 10 years already. They seem to have a good grip on the conference and don't let it explode in size.

    CanSecWest one of my favorite cons (maybe my #1). Talks: No Apology Required: Deconstructing Blackberry10 - Zach Lanier, Ben Nei ; Duo Security & Accuvant. Outsmarting Bluetooth Smart - Mike Ryan ; iSEC Partners. The Real Deal of Android Device Security: the Third Party - Colin Mulliner, Jon Oberheide ; Northwestern University, Duo Security.

    Troopers (Heidelberg, Germany). There is one mobile talk in the main conference but there in addition they have TelSecDay (invite only) that focuses on Telecommunication security. The main conference talk is: Modern smartphone forensics: Apple iOS: from logical and physical acquisition to iCloud backups, document storage and keychain; encrypted BlackBerry backups (BB 10 and Olympia Service) by Vladimir Katalov.

    nullcon (Goa, India) has a mobile talk this year: Modern smartphone forensics: Apple iCloud, encrypted BlackBerry backups, Windows Phone 8 cloud backup - by Vladimir Katalov.

    SyScan 2014 looks super awesome this year. Josh "Monk" Thomas : "How to train your Snapdragon: Exploring Power Regulation Frameworks on Android". Dr Thaddeus (The) Grugq : "Click and Dragger: Denial and Deception on Android Smartphones". Alex Plaskett & Nick Walker "Navigating a sea of Pwn? : Windows Phone 8 AppSec".


    HITB Amsterdam Shellcodes for ARM: Your Pills Don't Work on Me, x86 by SVETLANA GAIVORONSKI and IVAN PETROV.

    RootedCON (Spain) talks: Raul Siles - iOS: Regreso al futuro, Pau Oliva - Bypassing wifi pay-walls with Android. Some talks look like they are mobile talks too :) (my Spanish is kinda bad)


There are a lot of interesting talks in the next month. I'm working on (and finished) some interesting projects that I can hopefully talk about soon.

Our Android book is finalized and thus should be available in April.

The Defcon CFP is already open so make sure you submit your talks early. Also checkout Area 41 a fine security conference in Switzerland, the CFP is still open.

This year I'm co-chairing ARES an academic security conference. Please consider submitting your papers.

If you are interested in NFC (Near Field Communication) check out the current draft of the Web NFC API. The standard defines how a "web page" can interact with NFC devices.