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Sunday, October 21 2007

Anti DNS Rebinding patch for Dnsmasq from 0sec

here is a patch for Dnsmasq (the very popular DHCP server and DNS forwarder and cache) that will prevent DNS rebinding attacks against private networks (192.168,10.,...). The patch basically adds a filter to the forward resolver of Dnsmasq. The filter will basically drop all private IP addresses contained in answers. Of course this will not prevent a rebinding attack against other IP ranges like if your local network uses some public IP range. But since Dnsmasq is mainly used for home Cable/DSL routers (like the OpenWRT-based routers) this patch should offer sufficient protection.

dnsmasq_stopdnsrebind.patch (for dnsmasq 2.40)

To activate the DNS rebinding protection add --stop-dns-rebinding to the dnsmasq command line. I made it a command line option since dnsmasq is also used as a DNS cache on clients (e.g. Nokia N800) and you still want to be able to resolve local IP addresses.

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