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Tuesday, August 30 2005

Crypto USB disk with dm_crypt and FreeOTFE

I all ways wanted to go crypto for my data storage but until now I never owned any big storage device. Now I have an external 250 gig USB disk which I want to secure.

The thing with crypted disk all ways comes down to where can I read the disk? Only on my computer, only with one specific OS, etc. For me it's basically Linux and from time to time Windows. The two solutions I found where BestCrypt which is commercial (at least for Windows) and dm_crypt/FreeOTFE which is free and has much more features.

I ended up using dm_crypt/FreeOTFE.

dm_crypt is the Linux part of the crypto solution and is in part of Linux Kernel since 2.6.4. With cryptsetup its super simple to setup. You can setup a partition or a file based crypto device. The device then can be formated with whatever filesystem you want. Of course you need one which is readable by Windows (e.g. vfat/fat32).

FreeOTFE is the Windows counterpart of dm_crypt and can mount whatever you created with dm_crypt. I guess multi-disk volumes don't work but I haven't tryed it. When mounting a filesystem use mount Linux... otherwise it doesn't work :)

For the external USB disk I have two partitions, one small partition which is not encrypted - this holds the Windows drivers (FreeOTFE), the second partition is the crypto filesystem. With this you can also take your disk to a friend without downloading drivers and stuff from the net. All in all a nice solution.