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Wednesday, March 01 2006

Tagesschau on the Nokia 770

so I finally got over to watching videos on my 770 and I noticed that there is almost no CPU usage while playing a video, so I guess the Nokia guys did a good job and heavily use the DSP :) The only annoying thing is the video format and resolution restrictions but I guess that comes with the low CPU usage.

Anyway I wrote a small script using a slightly modified version of peapod (a small command line based podcast receiver written in python) to download and convert the 20Uhr (8pm) Tagesschau for the 770. So now I can watch the Tagesschau by pointing my browser to my local webserver which holds the converted file, nice! Streaming would be awesome but I don't have the time to set this up. Also my room mate had the very interesting idea to just make a cgi/php/whatever to convert videos on-the-fly by just handing a URL over to the script running on a webserver.