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Tuesday, January 08 2008

Stats for the MUlliNER.ORG Maemo Repository

In mid December I realized that it would be really helpful to know what exactly is going on with my Maemo repositories. So I decided to have a special webalizer only for the Maemo repository (I have a global webalizer for the whole domain). After looking at the stats I regret that I didn't do this right from the start.

Some interesting observations so far
    Most people already download Maemo 4.x (Chinook) packages
    last 12 days of December => 1.7 GB packages

I wouldn't have guessed that so many people already run Chinook in December (maybe only the super hard core early adapters use my stuff).

See the for yourself: MUlliNER.ORG Maemo Repository Stats

Btw: Many people ask me about ipHome applet (shows IP address on home screen). I'm going to release it as soon as I have my N810. I know this is not nice :-P


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