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Sunday, January 28 2007

A few Words about the N800

No this is not another review if you have been looking for one go here. A few words...

Things I like: The overall look of the device, the faster CPU (ARMv6 320Mhz), more memory (128MB), more storage (250MB) and 2 SD card slots, bluetooth 2.0 EDR, the kick stand and last but not least the new pen/stylus.

Things I don't like: the missing display cover (this was really cool on the 770), the kick stand covers the USB port (which makes it hard to attach external USB hardware), the quality of camera seems to be pretty low (but who really cares?).

The software seems to be in something like a very late beta state (e.g. windows don't redraw nicely), but I guess the next update will fix a lot.

All in all I like the new device and I will give my best to come up with a nice hack specifically for the new hardware.


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