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Saturday, November 05 2005

Nokia770 - maybe the first successful Linux handheld

ok I admit I caught the 770 flu, which is really easy if you follow the mobile computing/handheld scene and read all the blogs and news sites like Engadget or Gizmodo. Also this morning I searched Technorati on blogs which mention the 770 and of course I found a tone of sites. Many redundant things but still - it seams to role.

So why do I think the 770 could be come the first really successful Linux handheld? First it's done by a real big company, ok Sharp (the Zaurus people) is big too but they didn't had the Nokia experience when it comes to handhelds (Nokia -> mobilephones). Secondly they actively involve the open source community from the beginning (actually even before releasing the device to the public!). Third, the don't do monkey business with the OS, they don't hide it, they allow reflashing of the device with what ever Kernel and OS image you want. Some other companies close their Linux based devices with signed Kernel images etc. Also they didn't go with cheap hardware since a 800x480 display and 802.11g is quite good. Also the real benefit for the users will come from the huge open source software catalogue ;-)

I really can't wait to get my 770 - so I can port my Bluetooth stuff and implement some ideas which require a nice Linux handheld.


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