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Monday, May 22 2006

I want a Flybook

Flybook first, I know that the Flybook is not a brand new thing, but it is really cool and first of all really small. The story goes like this: my room mate and I frequently have a discussion about super/ultra portable computers and tablets. As I'm a big fan of PDAs/smart phones and he is a big fan tablets we regularly have a argument about what kind of device is the best/most practical. He basically suggested the Flybook - which I didn't know about until then. This device looks just hardcore right. It is: small PDA-sized, converts to a tablet (with touchscreen); has a keyboard, a hard disk, Bluetooth, WLan/WiFi, GSM/GPRS (I guess DATA only - it is not a phone), USB, Firewire and runs on a x86 compatible CPU. What else would you want? This thing is able to beat any I repeat any other portable device. OK it is a bit pricy and costs up to 2400$. The only other down point besides the price is that it only has 802.11b and Bluetooth 1.1, but this is hopefully going to be fixed in a future version (if there will be any). But anyway if I had the money I would get it.