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Friday, May 26 2006

Apple MagSafe super force?

my friend Chris just got his MacBook (the black version) some days ago, and he really likes the MagSafe. The MagSafe is the magnetic power adapter on the new MacBook and MacBookPro (see here). So the thing is that the MagSafe seems to be pretty strong in terms of magnetic force, he put it on a table and when he looked at it again later the MacBook sucked in the USB cable from his external disk. Is it supposed to have this super force? I'm not an expert on magnetism or computer hardware but could the MagSafe damage other hardware that comes to close to it? I guess the MagSafe itself is protected against short circuiting it, since it is wide open - where other power adapters just have a tiny hole for the plug. If it is able to damage other hardware this would be a potential killer. I remember some story where table magnets in wagons of the German railway (Deutsche Bahn) damaged laptops that where put on them.

Anyway I find the whole story very funny and thats why I post it here :-)


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