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Sunday, March 02 2008

Setting J2ME Internet connection on Nokia S40

In my previous post on the RMV Handy Ticket (post in German) I've complained about the fact that the J2ME application can't seem to be able to use the internet/GPRS connection. I've tried the various autoconfiguartion tools provided by Nokia and my mobile phone operator but I couldn't get it working. The strange thing for me is that the GPRS connection works (I'm using my phone as a GPRS modem for my N810 and my laptop and I can also browse the web with the build in browser). So I asked Simon if he had an idea. He told me that internet is not internet for J2ME on these phones. Me WTF?!? The trick seems to be to configure the internet connection in two places: Settings -> Connections -> Packetdata (this is the one I had set) and Settings -> Configuration -> Favorite Connection (J2ME apparently needs this one). The thing that pissed me off the most was the fact that I found all the configuration settings I got via SMS under Favorite Connection.

Anyway now it works and I'm happy :-)