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Sunday, February 25 2007

Fun with the Zenega

I recently bought a T-Online S100 for about 45 Euros on eBay. The S100 is the name for T-Online's version of the Zenega VOD (Video One Demand) box. Actually I bought the thing to build a FAT wireless access point but I discovered that some guy had build a real nice video player distribution for it called zenslack (obviously based on slackware). The distribution is made to be run from a harddisk/usb-stick/usb-disk attached to the box but since I already had a Debian based system running it via NFS I wanted to go this way. This way I can just switch the box off with out worrying about filesystem corruption and such.

By the way the NFS server is my MythBox, so I really only use the Zenega as a viewing client in another room.

Setting up this thing is quite easy once you can get over your self and read the Zenega User Forum (I hate forums!). Also you need to get a user account since you need to request a download password for zenslack, which is kind of stupid since it is all free/open source software.

So far I'm pretty happy with the whole thing. The IR remote works, the S-VHS and SCART connectors both work. I was able to play all of my test content (mplayer really really rulez).