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Monday, May 10 2010

My old Palm Stuff needs to go!

I'm kind of clearing out my basement, to get rid of stuff I don't use any more or haven't used in a couple of years. So I found this big bag with a lot of Palm OS devices. A Palm Pilot Professional (with Palm III upgrade board), a TRGpro, HandEra 330, Sony Clie 300, and a Palm Tungsten T3. And of course a whole bunch of Cradles (docking stations), cables, and styli.

So I'm actually looking into selling or giving away the complete collection as one big package. I really loved that stuff and my Palm Pilot was the device that more or less got me started writing software in C. So if you are or know any collectors please let me know, or write me if YOU are a collector or otherwise interested in the stuff.


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