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Thursday, March 06 2008


today my NAS-4220 (RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-NAS4220-B) arrived. The 4220 is a really small NAS box with a lot of nice features like: size of a shoe box, 2xSATA (internal), 2xUSB-2 (external), GBit Ethernet, TCP Offloading, hardware crypto acceleration and it runs Linux and has an open boot-loader (RedBoot). In short this is a totally hack able piece of hardware.

Today I checked out the default firmware to see what it is capable of. The web interface is really bad but who cares. Some cool stuff. It supports RAID0, RAID1, and SPAN (make one disk out of two). You can create crypto volumes through the web interface and it seems to have a build in bittorrent client. Quite nice.

Since this thing has GBit ethernet I wanted to see how fast it is. I just used FTP to upload and download some files from my ThinkPad. For upload I could only get 10.5MB/s downloading was much faster with about 19MB/s. Since this was I quick test only I didn't try to tune anything. Btw. my setup was: the NAS box was running RAID1 (not crypted) and my laptop has a crypted disk. This looks quite good for a 120Euro NAS (without disks).

Now I'm going to build my own Linux image (kernel + buildroot filesystem). I will do this together with Frank who also just got him self a Nas-4220.

[1] NAS-4220
[2] Some infos on the used chip set and Linux support from Harald Welte
[3] NAS-4220 Infos from GPL-Devices.org
[4] NAS-4220.org community
[5] RaidSonic GPL code download (end of page section Sources)