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Friday, June 15 2007

The Chumby

I found Chumby on LinuxDevices early this evening and just couldn't get it out of my head. The Chumby is an alarm clock sized data display device in a funny looking casing. The Chumby basically is a small ARM-based computer equipped with a QVGA display and a two USB ports; the software is Linux. From what I understand from the Chumby website the device is designed to display/run Flash applets (widgets).

The point of this device really seems to have some kind of pimped alarm clock - which I think is quite cool! It is kind of strange to find Chumby right now since I was just planning to build something similar. I want to have something to stick to the wall to just display some text an images. My plan was to use an old Palm and a F*nera access point but maybe I just wait for the Chumby to become available also I kind of hate Flash.

Anyway I kind of like the idea of Chumby, especially the part of being totally hackable.