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Wednesday, January 02 2008

24C3 Hardware Show

One cool thing of 24C3 is that people/geeks come from all over the world and bring the latest and greatest gadgets. So if you are a gadget fan like me you have a good time convincing other people letting you play with their latest toy.

I had the chance to play with a Asus Eee PC (the black version). This thing is really sooo light you almost can't believe it is a laptop not a PDA. Also I must say the screen is a little small (the size not the resolution). I didn't had the chance for a long run because there were just too many other people. Nice little thing!

The next device was a Flybook. I know this is not really new, but I never saw one in real before. The thing I remember best is that the track point seems quite usable even being at a strange position. Nice device all together.

The most expensive mobile device I ever saw. The Vertu Constellation mobile phone. According to the owner this is a 6000 Euro (!!!) mobile phone. The phone is kind of heavy and kind of feels like it is made out of pure gold. The owner told me that it is really tough (indestructible) also Vertu will replace it if it breaks somehow. The money you pay is not only for the device but also for services attached to the device. You have a kind of a personal agent 24/7 that can arrange things like Hotels/Flights for you. It doesn't have any cool technical features - so nothing for me.

I talked to many people with a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. I wrote a separate story about this here.

I also took a look at the Chumby.

There was a crowed of OLPC owners. They seem to all have a final device, since they had the logo printed on the cover lid (as far as I remember this was not the case with the developer version).

The iPhone. OMG everybody has one now. Steve says: thank you ;-)