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Tuesday, January 02 2007

23c3 Summary

Four days of fun and little sleep, great event like every year. But the network (internal and external) sucked most of the time, also wireless (especially because of 802.11a) seemed to work better then in the years before.

I didn't see too many talks because of multiple reasons. On the first day I tried to watch the talks via DVB-T but the reception in the basement was too bad. On the second to last day I tried to watch using the streams which worked quite well but not well enough to really enjoy it (network stopped working from time to time). Maybe someone sets up a multicast solution next year (if bandwidth was the problem)? I only saw like two or three talks life mostly because the rooms were way too crowded (there was a new attendee record this year).

One other thing that sucked was the conference bracelet WTF?!? This was the 23rd congress and defcon had this really awesome badges this year, why didn't you guys tried harder?

Anyway I had a great time (even if I complain a lot) and I thank the organizers for running the congress.


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