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Saturday, April 02 2011

Troopers 2011 Review

Last week I attended Troopers11 in Heidelberg Germany. Troopers is a nice and small IT security conference. One of two that exist in Germany as far as I know (IT-Defense being the other one). I'm not counting CCC congress and similar events this they are not security focused (which is good!).

troopers11 badge on Twitpic Troopers was well organized, very nice location, good break times, good food, and a nice evening program. The conference badges where totally awesome.

The conference included a nice challenge that was based on their badges. You had to fulfil a number of tasks in order to get the number one your badge increased by the staff. Since this was a security con our SecT team took it in to our own hands and hacked the badges to show the maximum score.

Get an impression by checking the Twitter search for #troopers11.

I had a great time and hope to make it again next year.


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