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Saturday, August 23 2008

FrOSCon 2008

today I visited FrOSCon for the first time. My impression is very mixed. The location is quite nice, the admission fee is low (5 Euros) and the talks are mixed.

I visited the OpenVZ talk which was OK but not great. The iPhone talk was garbage or worse. The guy didn't have a clue. He didn't talk about free/open software he did a 35 minute iPhone tour. I wished he would have covered the free SDK that exists since the first iPhone was released. ARG I'm pissed about this what a waste of time. The OpenMoko talk was interesting, I saw many talks about OpenMoko and the Neo device and every time they tell you a little more.

The actual reason for me going to FrOSCon was the keynote by Andrew Tannenbaum (the MINIX guy). His talk about MINIX 3 was interesting and funny.

All in all a nice day - also we only stayed until 4pm.