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Monday, January 03 2011

27c3 Review

the 27th Chaos Communication Congress (27c3) was awesome altogether. I met all my buddies from around the world and had a great time. This year -- due to the ticketing system -- the congress seemed less crowded, very nice! Talks were still packed but not crazy packed.

    The keynote by Rob was very nice -- I even saw it again as recording.

    Karsten and Sylvain's talk on Wideband GSM sniffing was quite nice - as they combined "Karsten's" A5/1 project with Sylvain's awesome sniffer :)

    DJB's talk on High-speed high-security cryptography: encrypting and authenticating the whole Internet was quite entertaining but certainly not new. I saw more or less the same talk at USENIX WOOT'09. Still very awesome of him to come to 27c3!.

    Renaud Lifchiz did a great presentation on Android geolocation using GSM network. He explained the whole Android geolocation system in great detail and showed how to recover previous locations of a phone. For me this talk was the best in terms of expectations to delivery!

    Ilja van Sprundel gave a talk on hacking smart phones. I must sadly say this was not very good -- sorry Ilja. Many previously known stuff (without citing them).

    Bruce Dang and Peter Ferrie did a nice job with their talk Adventures in analyzing Stuxnet.

Thanks again CCC for this nice congress!

Sadly I totally missed out going to berlinsides. I registered and everything but I just didn't make it :-( I especially wanted to see Travis' talk on the IM-ME (I just bought it for that reason).