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Wednesday, October 07 2009

Changing your mobile phone number sucks!

So I have a tone of mobile phone numbers, different contracts and some pre-paid cards. The main problem is that using multiple cards at the same time is not really possible. There are almost no multi-sim-card mobile phones and the ones that exist normally take only two (2) cards. Although I don't want to use a specific multi-sim phone but rather any phone (so I can always use the latest and greatest). I tried one of these dual-sim card adapters but it sucked.

So what to do?

What I want is this:

I want to be able to have one (1) SIM card that does not belong to any operator. Then I want X number of mobile phone numbers with either a contract or without a contract (pre-paid). Then I just want to be able to tell the operators to connect the contract/pre-paid numbers to this one SIM card. The remaining problem would be what actual mobile network to use, since the phone can only connect to one network at the time. Ideally this would be solved through some roaming-like-agreement where each provider just provides bare network access and just deals with the service/contract providers in order to charge for usage.

I guess this kind of idea is not new but today I'm somehow pissed again because of all the stupid different SIM cards I have.