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Saturday, July 01 2006

My Maemo2.0 Repository

I now run my own Maemo2.0 repository. I know it is point less that everybody sets up their own repository, but I just wanted to play with it (I'm a long time Debian user and I was just curious about how this repository thing actually works). See the repository settings below:

repository settings
    web address: http://www.mulliner.org/nokia770/repository/
    distribution: maemo2
    components: free

Xkbd-btHID for Maemo2.0

so I just uploaded xkbd-bthid for Maemo2.0. You have to follow the install instructions otherwise it doesn't work!

I also installed the final version of the IT2006 software today. The first thing I noticed is that it is much faster or snappier then before, really nice.