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Tuesday, January 01 2008

Playing with the N810 at 24C3

I had some time to play with the N810 while attending 24C3. The interesting part was that I saw quite a lot of people with a N810 in their hands - the ones I talked to had it imported from the U.S.

Since the N810 is mostly like the N800 (software wise) I only checkout the hardware. First impression was very good. The case looks very nice. I think it is a very clean design no bumps or strange edges. (Pictures don't tell you anything when it comes to hardware like this.) For me the most important thing to try was the keyboard since it is the novel part of the N-series. So I was very pleased to find it working just fine - much better then I expected (also I only had a couple of minutes). Sliding the keyboard up and down also seems to work nicely.

All in all it was a nice experience and I'm looking forward to get my own.

24C3 Roundup

Mmmh somehow I never manage to blog on more then the first day of the congress :-) So here is my personal 24C3 roundup.

First a big thank you to the organizers. It was real fun again! I meet a lot of friends I only see at these kinds of events (C3, Camp, etc) and again I meet a bunch of interesting people I didn't know before.

The talks were quite good all together and I had the impression that the overall quality was better then in the years before. Also I was missing THE high light of the event. Maybe I just missed it?

A couple of people asked for my Home InfoPanel talk which I didn't give so I'm going to keep this in mind for the next conference/meeting that comes up.

As usual I meet with the Bluetooth (Security) people to chat about this and that. Evilgenius Martin has a nice story about some 24C3-Bluetooth-Stuff on his blog. I also briefly meet balle from Datenterroristen.de he is behind Bluediving (a Bluetooth security suite).

As a side note. There seems to be an exploit in the JPEG parser of Nokia Series40 phones which cause the phones to crash when ever trying to read a special kind of JPEG image file. Apparently someone was sending a special crafted file to every mobile phone with Bluetooth switched on at the congress. I heard that there is another mobile phone brand that is also vulnerable to this JPEG and apparently one guy got his phone bricked by this. I'll soon look at this JPEG and post about this issue.

Great time, see you at 25C3.